Getting out with Upload

My radio show is amazing. I love it. I love what it stands for. It’s properly public service BBC. Getting those people who would otherwise not appear on the BBC to walk in through the door of BBC Bristol, sit in front of a microphone and tell everyone about what they do. ANYONE can upload ANYTHING.

We’ve had a few opportunities offered to us recently to get our uploaders showcased at events. The first was Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. BBC Radio Bristol hosted a marquee at the fiesta site at Ashton Court and we had the BBC Upload stage as part of the marquee. We scheduled four days of musicians to perform in front of visitors at the Balloon Fiesta.


We had all these incredible talented musicians scheduled to perform. Click on their names to find out more about them!

So… Hands up. Not all of the artists got to perform. Because the weather was so terrible on the Saturday, the organisers of the Fiesta took the decision to shut the festival site down. But, check out their music anyway! They’re all awesome and all of them uploaded their tracks to us via and have been featured as House Band of the Week artists on my show.


One of the other cool things we got to do was take a musician up in a hot air balloon to play a live session in the skies above Bristol. We think this is the first time EVER that a live radio session has been recorded in a hot air balloon. Check out Jamie Cruickshank’s track ‘I Can See Totterdown’ recorded as we floated over Bristol and could actually see the landmarks he was singing about.