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I love my show BBC Upload. It’s a place for anyone who is making, creating and doing stuff to get what they’re making on the BBC. From bloggers and bloggers to musicians and writers or poets. We invited poet Beth Calverley - ‘The Poetry Machine’ in to the studio to tell us about her poetry project.

Beth pops up at festivals, events and in public places as well as hospital wards writing poetry for people on a lovely vintage typewriter. We asked if she’d come in and write us a poem live on air for BBC Upload. She didn’t disappoint. After a quick chat about the show, she got to work, tapping away on the chunky keys of her typewriter.


Beth wrote the poem in about 10 minutes flat. Pretty impressive if you ask me.


The poem sums up BBC Upload, our aims and what it means to the talented people who can showcase their work on the BBC.

If you’re making stuff and want to get featured on the show - upload it now! Go to and send in your work!

Why we do Upload

What’s great about my programme on BBC Radio Bristol is that we get to support all different types of talent. Writers, bloggers, comedians, musicians. This week we’ve featured Brook Tate and his musical ‘Mr. Maglump’ as my House Band of the Week. The musical is a family friendly look at inclusion, community and togetherness.

The cast of the musical, from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, came in and performed the track live in session on my radio show. The shows writer, Brook Tate, tweeted out this.

Left to right:  Shane David-Joseph , me,  Tom Briggs  and  Brook Tate .

Left to right: Shane David-Joseph, me, Tom Briggs and Brook Tate.

That’s exactly why I do BBC Upload. A platform to feature people and things on the radio that might otherwise not get the opportunity! I love it.

Upload is about supporting local talent. Being a front door to the BBC. Anyone can upload anything. That’s what’s great about it.

Hear tracks from Mr. Maglump on Brook’s Soundcloud below.

How can you send stuff to BBC Upload?

The whole point of BBC Upload is that absolutely anyone who is making content can get it featured on the BBC.

Uploading to the programme is really easy.

  1. Record yourself - You can do this in a studio or record yourself using the voice notes app on your smartphone or tablet

  2. Go to and click on the big blue microphone

  3. Upload your file and fill out the two boxes of info

  4. Click submit

  5. Get played on the BBC!

It’s as simple as that. So if you’re a poet, blogger, musician, comedian, sketch writer or perhaps you just like being creative in your spare time… Send in whatever you’re making and get featured on the show.