Why we do Upload

What’s great about my programme on BBC Radio Bristol is that we get to support all different types of talent. Writers, bloggers, comedians, musicians. This week we’ve featured Brook Tate and his musical ‘Mr. Maglump’ as my House Band of the Week. The musical is a family friendly look at inclusion, community and togetherness.

The cast of the musical, from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, came in and performed the track live in session on my radio show. The shows writer, Brook Tate, tweeted out this.

Left to right:  Shane David-Joseph , me,  Tom Briggs  and  Brook Tate .

Left to right: Shane David-Joseph, me, Tom Briggs and Brook Tate.

That’s exactly why I do BBC Upload. A platform to feature people and things on the radio that might otherwise not get the opportunity! I love it.

Upload is about supporting local talent. Being a front door to the BBC. Anyone can upload anything. That’s what’s great about it.

Hear tracks from Mr. Maglump on Brook’s Soundcloud below.

Getting nerdy about jingles

BBC Upload - Station imaging

BBC Upload - Station imaging

Listen... I can't help it. I’m a radio nerd. I know that. But indulge me a little by listening to me and BBC Radio Bristol's station sound producer Tom Ryan talk all things jingles, imaging, voice overs and generally getting excited about nerdy radio stuff!

When we launched the programme in October 2018, we wanted a fresh sound with bold imaging and a voice over to match. Well, listen to the package and let us know what you think!

We talk about the concept stage, how we wanted it to sound, what we wanted to get across with the imaging as well as the style and feel of the programme. From picking a composer, a voice over artist and the elements we needed included to match the personality of the show and the station, while still sounding new a vibrant for younger audience.

Find out more about our jingle composer Dave Connolly here:

Find out more about our voice over artist Natalie Cooper here:

Listen to BBC Upload here: or via BBC Sounds app

Adam starts new show on BBC Radio Bristol

I’ve been busy busy busy over the last few months launching a brand new show on BBC Radio Bristol. The evening show airs weekdays between 7-10pm and it’s called BBC Upload with Adam Crowther.

BBC Upload has a strong and vibrant personality - the visual identity was created by graphic designer James Mobbs.

BBC Upload has a strong and vibrant personality - the visual identity was created by graphic designer James Mobbs.

The show champions new talent in the BBC Radio Bristol area - from writers, poets, musicians, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and comedians. Anyone can upload their audio to be played on the show via the website and they could get their creations featured on the radio.

Targeting a young audience with a modern playlist, vibrant station sound/jingles, voiceover that reflects the youthful energy of the programme as well as pacy and fun presentation, I hope that audiences of BBC Radio Bristol love the new format.

Listen to the show weekdays:

🕖 7pm
📻 94.9, 104.6, 103.6fm/DAB
📲 Download the BBC Sounds app from your app store